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About Sandra

My name is Sandra, I am a real "alfacinha" (native`s name for inhabitants of Lisbon). I am fond of history and therefore would love to introduce you to the history of my country. I am in love with the wonderful city Lisbon and would like to share it with you.

About Graça - Casa dos Bicos - Alfama

Starting in Graça. we can enter in the history of Lisbon. From largo da Graça, where the 28 tram starts, and the best viewpoint from the city is localized. Continue to Castelo de São Jorge, going down to Casa dos Bicos. In the way i can explain some of the history of my city. After, continue to Alfama and Fado Museum, See all the arquitecture from Alfama, finishing our jorney at Feira da ladra and National Pantheon.

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